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Stolen twice in a row, but was forced to move

    moving company recently got a call from Ms Cheng said moving live anymore, burgled twice in a row a month, had to choose to move to avoid thieves.

    young lady told us that they just moved into a new neighborhood, houses were rented, for nearly a month, her home was stolen twice in a row. "Stolen live here again, we are not at ease with the whole family, don't we hide it?

    the morning of June 13, Yang asked her husband called. "I'm taking your money! Forget yourself spent, right? "Be not understand why Ms Yang, and her husband on the phone was disputed. Hang up the phone, Miss Yang doesn't feel right. "Not stolen? "To think of it, Yang quickly checked her handbag. Turn upside down and no traces of the wallet. Dr glumly said: "in addition to the more than 1000 Yuan in cash in the wallet, there are many documents. "This is a woman's first experience of being stolen.

    light was stolen from the last experience, Yang thought that changing the locks, room was reassuring. But who would have thought, a few days ago, Yang was "patronizing". The other night, Miss Yang and her daughter home, into the House, home was turned upside down. When you are wondering, my daughter cried out: "mother, I brought home from school in a box of clothes missing. ”

    young lady strange, how are the clothes thief? "At that time there were two laptop computers, has been removed. "Yang said that one is her own, because for some time was useless, touched a lot of gray in the corner. Another was her daughter's, packing bags up and put it in the book, not into computer packages. "Don't know if it's because ordinary, not seen by the thief, dodged two computers. ”

    now the thieves seem to be rampant, and hope that the residential property sector has been the strengthening and maintenance of law and order by the police. This small series of detested those who make a living by stealing thief, his happiness at the expense of others.