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Shijiazhuang moving companies generally price

    of Shijiazhuang city, in August, all moving companies are price, and rose is not low, according to the moving company boss said that cadres moving companies generally price month Gongshu district is because workers ' wages rose, specifically what it was about, let us work together for a look.

    It is said that by August, moved the starting price of 180 to 220 Yuan range, floors are 10/and one in August, rose from about 200 Yuan to 300 yuan (er Huan), up 50% or so, prices outside the second ring also increased. Another item prices are up from 10 on each rose to 20 on each element. Among them, the scholar lang moved, ants and other relatively large moving companies starting price even from about 170 Yuan rose to 340 Yuan, up almost 1 time. Some moving companies prices on individual items, such as assembling and disassembling furniture, bed, moved by property release will be handling drum washing machines, etc.

    When a reporter to ask your moving company prices cause, 11 moving companies answer with surprising unanimity-all workers a pay rise to blame. "Labor shortage now, workers not only difficulty in hiring, salary has increased, don't prices really are not any longer. "Stone head of moving companies, said Mr Li.

    moving company the industry's low threshold, the stone city moving company has hundreds of large and small, competitive pressures is substantial. Rent, expenses for gasoline, road traffic has also increased. The price hike is also moving company common aspirations and hopes of retaining human, survive. Don't price I'll be close. More than more than 10 workers to eat, big companies hold, not to mention our little company?

    the price moving companies participating in the Conference is largely modelled on the Beijing and other major cities as well as some second-tier cities nationwide prices. Moving industry at present and there is no uniform industry standards and associations, the price hike was decided after consultations with the companies in the industry. Moving company classified as service industries, the price in the market play a greater role. Market prices rise or fall.

    moving company moving charge is the adjustment of the market price – a price adjustment decided by market supply and demand, not on the price control Department within the scope of regulation, prices on moving company moving fees for filing only approved moving expenses is the price or the price have been determined by the businesses themselves.