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After moving to choose a table

    restaurant is the place where family dinners, is the key to promoting family members live together in harmony, good Feng Shui placing furniture, the restaurant can promote family harmony, good health, good fortune, increase the cohesion of the family members. Choose what kind of table is most suitable, and three for the moving company for you to answer.

    1, restaurants

    restaurant is best is in a square or rectangular shape, the shape will make families feel safe in this dining, practical. If there is lack of angle restaurant, should be installed at the lack of mirrors, to increase the Visual space, symbolic to make up for it.

    2, dining room colors

    most of the energy of the human body comes from eating food, as the eating area of the restaurant has a close relationship with family wealth. Restaurant the dominant colors should be bright, light, simple but elegant, with white, pale yellow, light orange. And increase the lighting, which can increase the fire energy for residential savings more Yang-Qi. In addition, placed in the dining room some energetic plants, can enhance the home's Yang, increase wealth luck.

    3, the shape of the table

    the shape of the table should be the rule, with rectangles and squares;. Rectangular and square tables balanced, corners rounded, no sharp corners. When the family sat around, to give each one some space and popularity of aggregation and the harmony of relations among family members. West Lake area moving companies remind you, remember not to select a table with sharp corners, triangle dining table can lead to family discord, health; diamond-shaped table, easily lead to leakage of money.

    4, tables and material selection

    when in the purchase table, easy cleanup should be the prerequisite. Choose a block of marble, glass and other materials, representing both gorgeous and sparkling feeling, well suited to modern style. Marble table compared well with metal or wood feet, so that we can bring the material color harmony. If it is a glass dining table, according to Feng Shui theory, preferably with matching metal feet are durable goods. Marble tables and glass tops are slightly cold, you can choose different color tablecloths to reconcile.

    5, size of the table

    table size should tie in with the size of the restaurant, table larger, is placing more luxurious style. Generally left over family members two or three seats, he can reflect the independent space of the family sat together, can also be reserved for guests who might come to the space.

    according to the above five aspects, I believe you will be able to find a table the most satisfying, enjoyable meal every day for the whole family. To learn more, please consult the jianggan district, moving company, we sincerely at your service.